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  • Webform to custom object in Salesforce

    webform salesforce
    We already had one post on this topic – Webforms and Salesforce, it provides general advice on how to take a decision about your solution design. We would love to provide not only a free advice but also a free solution to one of the biggest problems we have faced ourselves while working with customer requirements and Salesforce custom objects. That is why we would…

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  • How to edit the horizontal tabs list in Salesforce lightning winter 17

    It was only recently when we found out that one of the salesforce sandboxes has been updated to winter ’17 and we were not able to locate how to edit the tabs in the app we have chosen. If you and your users know Salesforce Classic, the updated navigation model will feel very familiar. Your existing custom apps from Salesforce Classic will automatically work in Lightning…

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  • Webforms and Salesforce

    Salesforce supports a few default Web – to – functions which can link your web-content to salesforce Standard Objects Leads and Cases. In our practice a lot of times we are facing customer requests that would require to use the same functionality or slightly different where we need to evaluate the customer options  for success. Here are some of the points to consider when taking the…

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  • Salesforce data migration

    At CC Smart Solutions , we are experts in  migrating data from any source into Salesforce. Usually such activities are performed at the end of the project implementation. However, this was not the case we ran into recently. We had a big number of customer data with thousands of accounts and tens of thousands of contacts related to them. The challenge: thousands of accounts with:…

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  • Inventory management

    inventory management
    Managing warehouses and inventory in the cloud has certain challenges like stock quantities, asset vs products decision, items vs  assets decision. Assets with the same SKU Id but different or the same asset Id numbers. Our inventory management system will get even more complicated by multiplying all warehouses records in three types and location which would force us to search for a scalable solution that…

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  • A new business case

    A new business case was assigned to CC Smart Solutions to develop and implement a App for the needs of Sales and Marketing activities and move from tons of paper, Excel sheets and an Access-database into one common web-based sales and marketing database. A small app for inventory management will also be part of the project. List of challenges accepted: Business analysis – analyze…

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