Webforms and Salesforce

Salesforce supports a few default Web – to – functions which can link your web-content to salesforce Standard Objects Leads and Cases. In our practice a lot of times we are facing customer requests that would require to use the same functionality or slightly different where we need to evaluate the customer options  for success.

Here are some of the points to consider when taking the right decision:

  1. Salesforce edition used by the customer – Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case are available in Professional or higher editions. However, if you need to  create or update the records in a custom object that could be challenging if you don’t have Enterprise or higher edition as they have access to all APIs available.
  2. Salesforce limits
    • Web-to-Lead limits  are set to 500 leads per day. However, if you happen to get more than that Salesforce will store the data and upload it later into your salesforce org. If it is consistently much higher, you would be better off creating a custom solution to generate your leads via the API.
    • Web-to-Case limits are set to 5000 cases per day. Depending on your org support functions that could be enough or not, Salesforce support can increase that number but it will never be unlimited.
    • Using Salesforce Automation you can create other records from different objects than the two fore-mentioned. This would help you practice your consultant skills and also give you the option to automate a lot of customer processes.
  3. Using API to create and update your records:
    • Salesforce applies limits to APIs as well, however, they are much higher than the above mentioned web-to-lead and web-to-case limits and depending on  your programming skills you can do more complex business logic than just the insert command.
    • API scale-ability is of course harder to predict if your org is still under development.
    • You can create and edit both standard and custom objects in Salesforce.
    • You can have more than 1-step process of registering your customers.
  4. Usage of third party tool. – there are tools that take use of the APIs of salesforce but are much more friendly and capable for point-and-click administration.

Please contact us if you need help deciding which route to take when you have a complex business case. We will be able to advise on just by asking a few key questions.