Salesforce data migration

At CC Smart Solutions , we are experts in  migrating data from any source into Salesforce. Usually such activities are performed at the end of the project implementation. However, this was not the case we ran into recently.

We had a big number of customer data with thousands of accounts and tens of thousands of contacts related to them. The challenge:

  • thousands of accounts with:
    • a unique external Id
    • Tax Id
    • Names and Addresses done in different styles and encoding
    • Personal information mixed with with company details and phone numbers
  • tens of thousands of contacts in a separate list with
    • Names done in Latin and Cyrillic characters
    • put in more than 10 excel sheets
    • different capabilities and categorization of contacts in the different excel sheets
    • many contacts have the same names
    • many contacts belong to more than one company account
    • unique id per contact name
    • sometimes names are filled in separate name fields, while sometimes they come in one field altogether.
    • Asset lists come only with contact names

It took our team 3 days to analyze the data and only a few hours to clean it up and import it correctly.

Do you have  Data migration issues with Salesforce?  Let us know how we can be of assistance – use our contact form and our consultants would be glad to discuss it with you!