A new business case

A new business case was assigned to CC Smart Solutions to develop and implement a Force.com App for the needs of Sales and Marketing activities and move from tons of paper, Excel sheets and an Access-database into one common web-based sales and marketing database. A small app for inventory management will also be part of the project.

List of challenges accepted:

  1. Business analysis – analyze and describe business processes.
  2. Develop and build a data model that suits the business and is future-proof considering more business units will join in near future.
  3. Establishment of a valid data set for the group as a whole, break-up of processes actually used.
  4. Develop and implement record access policies.
  5. Bridge the gap between marketing and sales activities.
  6. Build a structure for inventory, stock-keeping units and implement stock-keeping processes.

Main technical challenge would be to evaluate the Force.com One app  and Force.com Light App licences while automating the options to create accounts and contacts.


Our contribution so far:


  • Project management from data analysis through to launch of the IT solution
  • Ensuring rollout across all sites in more than 12 states.
  • Achieving a compromise between the various project participants.